About Us

JLB Educational Technology Pte Ltd is a product manufacturer in educational technology, and a global service provider to publishers. Through years of research and development, together with the latest teaching philosophy, JLB now brings to the world a new technology in education. We have developed a series of learning and teaching tools for students and teachers, such as Pen Pal reading system, Multi-function (touch screen) educational smart TV, and Z + Z Mathematics Sketchpad; enhancing group and individual learning. As a service provider to publishers, we convert and customise printed books in any contents and languages, to be compatible with Pen Pal reading system; which will enhance the fun learning experience of the reader.

JLB Educational Technology Pte Ltd has been in business in the Asia region such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Indonesia and Thailand since 2008. We have multiple collaborations in product research and development with many well-known universities and institutions globally. We strive to develop the most efficient approach in both learning and teaching.

Learning can now be fun & interactive.

JLB Publishing Pte Ltd
, is an independent publisher in Singapore, as well as a publishing arm of JLB Educational Technology. Our main focus is in publishing and the distribution of Children books and Readers. We strive to supplement more quality books to be compatible with the Pen Pal Whizz reading system, providing a continuous supply of new book titles to the Pen Pal users.

Motto: “Empowering Brilliant Minds The Innovative Way”

Mission statement: " JLB is dedicated to delivering the best age-appropriate technology for early childhood education, unleashing the genius in every child."

Vision: JLB will be the leading provider in learning solutions for the early childhood sector, providing consultancy and advisory services in addition to its educational products.

- Trustworthiness in every business or educational interaction
- Respect for every child, caregiver and educator
- Understanding of clients' and partners' perspectives
- Excellent service levels that exceed expectations


Pen Pal Series
Pen Pal series of products are designed to take into account of the characteristics of children.

  1. Ergonomic contour to provide comfort during use
  2. Made of safety and environmental green material; non-toxic, non radiation, and tasteless.
  3. Seismic drop resistance
  4. Enamel body surface